Monday, November 28, 2011

Amazingly sunny, and warm!

Another beautifully sunny day today, with virtually no wind and warm temperatures. This is not the type of weather the team was expecting in Antarctica, but you will hear no complaints from them! They are basking in the warmth and trying not to get too used to it.

The sun in Antarctica can be extremely bright, especially when combined with all the reflection off the snow. This makes it imperative that each person protects his or her eyes all the time. Mild cases of snow blindness can occur within minutes of going without eye protection. The most common source of eye protection are goggles, but on warm days like today some team members might be wearing sun glasses with covered sides.

The team made just over 15 kilometers today, stopping a little early to take care of some blisters. They are camped at S 80.17.020, W 80.53.202. Everyone is thinking of family and friends back home and they are happy to be sharing the adventure with loved ones. Remember that short messages can be forwarded to the team by emailing Annie at

What a good looking group of explorers!

Make sure to listen to Bryony's audio report and check back in tomorrow for another update from the team!

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