Sunday, November 20, 2011

One more day of preparations...

The team spent another day preparing for the expedition and everything is coming together nicely. Tomorrow they have their pre-flight briefing and official weigh-in.

Among the people staying at the same hotel as our team is a man named Richard who is a NASA flight engineer on a DC30 making flights to and from the Antarctic Peninsula studying ice thickness with IR laser technology. After making the acquaintance of our team he asked them to carry a special coin to the South Pole. In addition to Richard, the hotel was housing a number of Vinson Massif climbers  who departed today for Antarctica. It's always interesting to meet other adventurers, and hear what brings people to this small city, the southernmost of it's kind in the world!

The coin given to the team

Check back again tomorrow for more information from the team. Hopefully they will learn that there is a good weather window for their flight to Antarctica. Our fingers are crossed!

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