Monday, November 21, 2011

Pre-flight briefing and final pack out

Today the team had their pre-flight briefing with the charter flight providers. This briefing covers the flight rules and regulations (same security check as any other international flight), as well details about the Union Glacier basecamp and the South Pole. They were also given a decent weather report, and so far it looks like their flight will go on schedule (knock on wood please!)

If the weather continues to hold they will depart for Antarctica around 20:00 tomorrow evening. This gives them most of the day to relax, but they won't stray far from the hotel. When they get "the call" giving them the green light to fly, they need to be ready to go immediately.

If they fly tomorrow it means that tonight will be their last night in a bed for a long time. That might sound unappealing to some people, but not to our team! They are very, very excited and ready to go. They want nothing more than to board that flight tomorrow and take off on the adventure of a lifetime.
We wish the team sweet dreams and an extra long hot shower in the morning, but most of all clear skies and an on-time departure for their expedition.

Don't forget to listen to Ronny's audio update and check back again tomorrow for another update from the team!

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