Friday, November 25, 2011

South, to the Pole

The team has officially started their expedition! After an earlier than planned flight from Union Glacier to Hercules Inlet they were able to make 13 kilometers today. This was done in 6 hours of travel. Their sleds are at their heaviest, and they have periods of steep incline so it's no doubt that they will be working hard as they get used to their routines. It was another blue sky day, with calm wind and pleasant temperatures. The snow was hard packed making for good travel conditions. They estimate that they climbed approximately 150 meters. Their current location is S 80.01.5 and W 79.42.56

We want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Oskar who is happy to be celebrating his 30th birthday with the team in such a beautiful location. Dennis provided a little whiskey which made the occasion all the more fun.

We have received some photos from the team of their last couple of days and we will post them today and tomorrow. Don't forget to listen to Ronny's audio update and check back again tomorrow for another update from the team.

The team after landing at Union Glacier
On their Shakedown training

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  1. Hey Ronny!

    Looks like ya'll are having a good time!

    Stay safe out there!

    Love ya!