Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pre-expedition prep work in Punta

Today was spent with preparations for the adventure ahead. For an expedition of this magnitude there  is a lot of gear, food, clothing and equipment to check, re-check, and then pack. Everyone is getting excited for their departure to Antarctica, scheduled for November 22! Today also happened to be guide Lisa Strom's birthday - Happy Birthday Lisa! We hope you celebrated with a Pisco Sour and a rousing birthday song from the team! Tomorrow the team will try to wrap up the bulk of any remaining preparations. Make sure to check out the audio report from Bryony!

The team in Punta Arenas

We also received a video from the team but we're having some trouble getting it online. Hope to have it sorted out soon, please check back.

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  1. Hey Ron Diz.

    Dont loose your fingers or toes. I dont know why you want such a venture. When so much inner space awaits in the Carib. Rum and playa await to defrost your frozen self. Do what you do and finish the mission man. Your committed now LOL.