Tuesday, December 20, 2011

50,000 steps per day...

Today the team reports a partial rest day with the decision to camp early after 17.4 kilometers and seven hours of skiing. They had overcast skies and warm temperatures around -12 F.

Bob, in his detailed audio report, talks about the routine of skiing each day. He tells how they break their day into four 6 kilometer marches. In one day he estimates a goal of 50,000 steps. That's a lot of steps!

We have received a number of birthday wishes for Bryony and we plan to text them to the team tomorrow. From Bob's audio report it sounds as though they might be planning a rest day tomorrow. The chance to sleep in would be a present that everyone would likely enjoy!

The team's position today is S 84.19.36, W 85.44.83. Make sure to listen to Bob's audio report and check back again tomorrow for another update from the ice!

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