Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last ski day of 2011...

Today the team reported good conditions with sun, blue sky and barely a breath of wind. They were expecting a climb between 86 and 87 degrees and today they got just that, with uphill travel all day. They skied 25 kilometers and ended at S86.12.224, W86.46.073.

They were celebrating the arrival of the new year in their tents with a little whiskey and vodka, and a wonderful photo of the Ladies Walking Group from Dennis' other life back home in the UK. Sounds like a grand time! They are, of course, all thinking of loved ones and friends back home, and wishing them well on this New Year's Eve. They hope to be sending some photos of their party to us, and if they come through we will post them tomorrow.

We forwarded all the New Year's greetings that we received. We know that your messages of support and congratulations mean a lot to the team! Thanks for keeping them in mind as you celebrate your holidays!

Make sure to listen to Dennis' audio report and check back again tomorrow for another update from the team!

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