Friday, December 9, 2011

Crossing 82 degrees!

Today the team reports a long day with an uphill climb and windy conditions. It all started good, but after their first few miles the wind picked up and visibility deteriorated. The temperature dropped and they were skiing in milky white conditions. They relied on their compass and the direction of the falling snow to ensure that they stayed on the right course.

It was a long day with 11 hours on their feet but they were able to knock out 26 kilometers. Everyone is happy with the progress, and ready for a good meal. They are camped at S 82.11.551, W 82.32.307. The temperature was -15C without wind, and -23C with wind.

Some of the team members are carrying ipods and they have been listening to music which offers a nice break and some motivation. For those who didn't bring music, or prefer not to listen to it, time is passed by thinking about anything and everything that will occupy the mind. Singing or writing songs, reciting poetry, counting steps, thinking about a question, drafting letters or journal entries, making plans for the reunion with family and friends (especially the meals!) Sometimes you think about what you should think about next!

On a day like today the team will be tired and hungry and it's especially nice to know that they have so many supporters back home cheering them on. Dennis has left a wonderful audio update so be sure to listen to it, and check back again tomorrow for another update from the team!

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