Saturday, December 10, 2011

Making the miles...

Today the team reports a good day, covering 25.6 kilometers in 10.5 hours of travel. The sun was shining, the sky was blue... only the sastrugi could have been better. Everyone is happy and the general health of the team is improving (there has been a cold going around).

In Bob's audio update he talks a little about the team's tactic for reaching the pole. He mentions how they are making the required distance every day, but that they will be working on increasing their pace to decrease the amount of time they are skiing every day. Finding the right balance is a critical part of every expedition.

Tomorrow they plan to reach their first resupply. This is a big milestone and can be very proud of their work so far. They will be rewarded with more food, and some special treats, but oh! the weight of the sleds! Make sure to listen to Bob's audio report (the sound improves after the first few seconds) and check back again tomorrow for another update from the team!

A picture perfect day, with a little slope.

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