Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dark clouds on horizon

The team reports a good day today, with sun and calm winds. The terrain is rolling and as you'll hear Dennis report it reminds him of back home in the UK. The team skied 19 kilometers today ending at S 80.46.355, W 81.10.837. On the horizon are some stormy-looking clouds and they have secured camp in the event that they get some foul weather.

We got a few questions from readers in the past days...

How will they get their resupplies?
Their resupplies are pre-positioned at precise coordinates so that they are ready for the team when they arrive. Each resupply is approximately 15 days apart (providing normal travel conditions).

What is the terrain like?
Right now, as the ascend from the coast they are passing mountains as you see in the photos. These are rock mountains comprised mostly of Cambrian limestone. As the ascend they will see only occasional mountain peaks popping up through the snow. These tips of the mountains are called "nunataks". Once on the polar plateau they will be looking only at snow, as far as the eye can see.

Make sure to listen to the audio report from Dennis and check back in tomorrow for another update from the team.

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