Sunday, December 25, 2011

Xmas, resupply and best mileage yet!

Merry Christmas to all (including our followers in the UK who will read this posting on Boxing Day). Today the team had a remarkable day. Long, yes, but beautiful and very satisfying. They skied amongst the peaks of the Thiel Mountains where sunlight sparkled against the terrain like tiny Christmas tree lights. Dennis' audio report is so descriptive it is worth finding some speakers to listen to it.

The team covered a remarkable 27.8 kilometers before reaching the resupply and at the time that they contacted us they were settled in their tents enjoying some of the "treats" in the resupply, in this case, vodka! Tomorrow they plan to take it easy, do some reorganization with the new ration, and possibly put in a few miles. Dennis also plans to make a Christmas pudding provided by his mother. The phone cut out before the end of his message, but it sounded as though he might have been preparing to sing a song ?!*!

The team is camped tonight at the Thiel iMountain weather station & airstrip located at 85.11.971, W 87.52.326. They have crossed the half way mark! All of your messages of support and greetings are getting through and they mean a tremendous amount to the team, especially on the hard days when they need to dig deep just to put one foot in front of the next.

A couple days ago, when the wind was up.
On tough days messages from the "outside world" mean a lot!
Make sure to listen to Dennis' most excellent audio report and check back in tomorrow for another update from the team! Merry Christmas!

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  1. I hope you gave Santa a nip of the Vodka as he wended his way home!
    Its great to hear of your progress, I wish I was with you to experience it.
    Best wishes for your success on the second half of your journey!