Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Uphill all day...

The team reported that they had a good day with clear, sunny weather, but more wind than the last few days with a speed of around 10 knots. Even with the relative warmth of -15C a wind of 10 knots add a sharp sting to the air. Needless to say they ate dinner inside tonight! They traveled 23.6 km today with much of it uphill. Their current location is S 81.46.077, W 81.49.356

The terrain is now bringing to take the shape of the imagined polar plateau. With only the very tip of the Patriot Hills to the North on the horizon. They feel that in the next two days they will be clear of that benchmark and onto the next navigational feature which is two nunataks, a couple days off.

100 years ago today Amundsen also had a good day. He wrote in his journal...
One of our great days. Although it didn’t look like it would be this morning. Fog and bad visibility as usual. But the wind had slackened a lot during the night; the little bit that remained came from the NE. Terrain and surface were first class. Flat, really flat with no signs of snowdrifts. The annoying small heaps of loose snowdrift which had been such a nuisance these past few days, had disappeared and the surface for the skis was absolutely A1
We hope to be posting the audio update soon, so check back again. And visit tomorrow for another update from the team!

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