Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twas the night before Christmas...

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the tent,
Not a creature was stirring, they were wiped out from the ascent.
Their socks and gloves hung from the tent line with care,
In the hopes that they'd soon be dry from the cold Antarctic air.
Each team member was nestled all snug in their bag,
Dreaming of the day they stand beneath the South Pole flag.
And though they had no tree and from their families they were apart,
They still felt the warmth of Christmas in their hearts.

Today the team had a windy morning that settled into a mild afternoon. They made 24.5 kilometers in 10 hours of travel. Everyone is feeling good and they are happy to be nearing their second resupply. Tomorrow they will pass 85 degrees - the half way point! Tonight their position is S 84.57.516, W 87.13.241.

BB gives us a nice description of their day as well as a reminder that they will soon leave their last visible landmark, the Thiel Mountains. After the Thiel Mountains the landscape is white all the way to the Pole! BB mentions that the view from their tent tonight was spectacular, with the tips of mountains dominating the scene. After BB's update Lisa jumps on to say hello to all at home. In Sweden, Lisa's and Oskar's home country, Christmas Eve is very special, and on this night she and Oskar are thinking about their family and wishing everyone well.

We just received a picture from BB's birthday! It's hard to think of a more memorable party than this one!

BB's 21st Birthday party.
A very Merry Christmas Eve to all! Make sure to listen to BB's and Lisa's audio reports and check back again tomorrow for another update from the team!

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