Friday, December 23, 2011

If this expedition were a movie...

Today when we spoke with the team I asked Lisa, "Tell me something interesting about your day," and she said, "well...we skied, we looked at mountains in the distance, it was sunny and a very gentle wind..." Sound familiar? It seems that this description is a reoccurring theme in the expedition! The team feels very lucky to have such great weather.

The team made good progress today, covering 25 kilometers in 10 hours. They ended the day at S 84.44.029, W 86.47.557. (For those of you who are nautical sticklers I realize that this is not the accurate way to write latitude and longitude, but I can't seem to find an easy way to include the degree symbol, so I am going with ease over accuracy.)

Bob, in his wonderful audio report below, compares the expedition to a couple movies and a novel. You'll have to listen to the audio report to hear which novel. The first movie is Ground Hog's Day, and the second is No Country For Old Men. Bob's audio reports are always interesting because he is so creative in finding ways to describe his experiences. It would be fun to read his journal!

Keeping a journal on an expedition like this takes tremendous discipline. You may start the journey with the best intentions of logging your daily thoughts and memories on paper, but by the time you have made water for the evening, cooked, eaten, made more water for your thermos or water bottle, dried your boot liners and gloves, mended anything that needs tending, phoned in your position and taken a deep breath, the thought of writing in a journal can be very unappealing.

The same goes for taking photos. You would think that it would be a priority to take many pictures on such an expedition, but the thought of getting your hands out of your mitts, digging out your camera, stopping your rhythmic skiing, taking off your goggles, holding your breath while you aim the camera (so your breath doesn't fog the lens), and then having to reverse the whole process... sometimes you don't end up with so many photos.

The team approaching 85 degrees South

Tomorrow or early the next day the team should cross 85 degrees which will be a very significant milestone. We'll keep you posted to let you know when they make it. For all of you who have sent holiday wishes to the team we are forwarding your greetings. Thanks!

Make sure to listen to Bob's audio report and check back again tomorrow for another update from the team!

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