Thursday, December 8, 2011

Slow start, but good weather...

Another picture perfect day today, but the team couldn't shake the slow start they got in the morning. They put in a long day of skiing ending at S 81.57.708, W 82.10.080. If my math is correct (not always the case!) they traveled nearly 21.5 kilometers.

Bob cooking outside on one of the recent calm evenings
The cold that had been bothering Bob seems to be traveling a bit, giving some of the team members scratchy voices and stuffed up noses, but nothing too terrible. The terrain appears to be flattening out, and this has been a welcome change. Soon the team will reach their first resupply.

A few people have asked questions about resupplies, and how they are positioned. The resupplies are all pre-positioned by plane so they are ready for the team when they arrive. The resupplies were packed by the team prior to the expedition, while they were in Punta Arenas. Everything that arrives in the resupply will need to be carried by the team. Only once, at their second resupply, will they be able to leave anything behind, such as their trash. The second resupply is positioned near a regular refueling runway for South Pole flights and the team will be able to pick up what they leave behind on their way back from the Pole.

We will send more details about the resupplies as they occur. Needless to say the resupplies are significant events, and milestones. It is great to have new supplies of food and treats, but the sleds get heavy all over again!

Make sure to listen to Bryony's audio report from today and visit again tomorrow for another update from the team!

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