Tuesday, January 17, 2012

100 years ago today...

Today the team reports 24 kilometers covered in 10.5 hours. As they skied today they were thinking about many things, perhaps chief among them Robert Falcon Scott's South Pole Expedition. 100 years ago today Scott's expedition reached the South Pole. The team had traveled over 1300 kilometers with grueling conditions and the burden of knowing that another team may very well be ahead of them. When they reached the Pole their worst fears were realized, Amundsen had arrived first. But history remembers both expeditions and both explorers with respect. Scott's expedition was remarkable in many ways and today was a day to remember and celebrate his team's incredible achievement.

Scott's team at the South Pole.

Of course there were other things on their minds including reaching the South Pole! The team plans to push hard in the next couple of days with the hope of reaching the pole early on January 20. They are currently at S 89.23.908, W 81.35.332.

Several people have asked at what point the South Pole station will become visible to the team. If weather conditions are very clear the team should be able to see the South Pole station at least 20 kilometers away. But the terrain is rolling and the Pole will come and go from visibility.

Make sure to listen to BB's audio update and check back again tomorrow to hear about the team's progress as they approach the Pole!

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