Monday, January 9, 2012

Saying goodbye to Dennis and Oskar...

January 8th (yesterday) was a difficult day for the team. After a frustrating struggle with a respiratory/altitude problem Dennis was evacuated to Union Glacier basecamp, and Oskar accompanied him. There are many emotions that go along with an evacuation including disappointment, sadness and frustration. But it's important to keep things in perspective and the health and safety of each team member is, of course, the greatest priority. Even though Dennis and Oskar are no longer skiing with BB, Bob & Lisa, there is no doubt that after 45 days together they are still very much a team.

The plane that picked up Dennis and Oskar was on its way to the South Pole and they were able to join the group for the visit at the Pole. Upon return to Union Glacier, which is much lower in elevation than the recent position of the team, Dennis started to feel better. He is in the good hands of the basecamp doctor and he will be able to get some long overdue and much deserved rest.

After Dennis and Oskar were picked up BB, Bob and Lisa packed up and continued on their way. It was late in their day but they skied a few hours making almost 10 kilometers.

Bob phoned in an update today, about yesterday. He shares his feelings about Dennis' and Oskar's departure and what he will miss the most as he continues skiing without them alongside.

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