Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to civilization!

What a journey! The team is now back, or at least en route, to their respective homes after departing Antarctica on Sunday. They had a very brief layover in Punta Arenas where they were able to enjoy a hot shower for the first time in 60 days! Ahh....

It has been our great pleasure to share this expedition with all of you, and we thank you for supporting the team with your many messages of encouragement and congratulations. We hope that you have enjoyed the daily updates from the team!

Though it may sound easy, the act of finding the sat phone, warming up the batteries, getting a good signal (which may require leaving the tent) and then attempting to sound upbeat and positive even though you are exhausted, on a NIGHTLY basis, it a lot of work. We'd like to thank each team member for his or her part is keeping us posted, and allowing us to share the journey. It's been an incredible adventure!

There's no doubt that this was a remarkable journey. If even a little bit of our team's determination, courage and passion for life rubs off on us we will be better people for it!

Again, thanks for following this expedition blog.

Until the next adventure... (which will be re-creating Shackleton's South Georgia crossing in October, 2012. Find out more by emailing Annie)

Your friends at PolarExplorers

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