Saturday, January 14, 2012

More sandy snow, argh!

Today the team reports decent weather with mostly overcast skies, and a guesstimated temperature of   -40C with wind. They started off the day with good traveling conditions and they were making great time. Soon after they hit the gritty snow once again. Lisa mentioned how it was like hitting a wall. The sleds are so much heavier and everything slows down. One good part of the day was another beautiful rainbow around the sun. And another bonus is that there was no sastrugi and no hills.

The sun and her cousin on the horizon. Also called a Sun Dog.

The team traveled 23.2 kilometers ending at S 88.45.117, W82.50.026. When we spoke with them they were eating dinner. BB was having beef stew, Bob was having sweet & sour pork (it's good!) and Lisa was having Chili. And of course lots of hot chocolate!

The hot coco is worth its weight in gold!
The audio update was not in yet at the time of this posting but we'll put it up soon! Make sure to check back!


  1. Getting very close. Keep up the great work. We're all cheering for you!

  2. I second that, fantastic acheivement for you all.