Saturday, January 7, 2012

Final resupply...

Today the team traveled the short distance to their final resupply at S 87.23.825, W 83.28.792. There they came across the black flag that marks the depot and the remaining food for the expedition including a celebratory dinner, which Oskar and BB cooked up for all.

Lisa and Oskar would like to share that their mother's birthday is tomorrow or today depending on when you read this (January 8). They send their best wishes and lots of love from Antarctica. They took a couple special photos as a birthday present! Happy Birthday!!

Two crazy Swedes singing Happy Birthday to their mother!

Lisa and Oskar.  "Love to Momma Strom!"
And this photo was taken a couple nights ago, when they still had warmer weather and could eat outside. This photo was simply titled "Dinner".

A good looking team. They appear so warm and relaxed!
Listen to Dennis' audio update and check back again tomorrow for another update from the team!

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