Monday, January 2, 2012

More uphill...

Today the team reports more beautiful weather and lots of uphill travel. The sleds are getting lighter which helps with the ascent, but it still made for a long day. They are happy they did not have large sastrugi to deal with, but they are told to expect more sastrugi in the coming days. The team skied 24 kilometers and ended at S 86.37.434, W86.29.884. The temperature was -21 C with a light wind.

We know from BB's audio report that there is a lot of good banter back and forth amongst the team members. In her description of the day she jokes about Oskar skiing in circles and needing a confirmation that the 24 kilometers were in fact South. Having a sense of humor on an expedition like this can be a great release of stress. A good laugh reminds everyone that it's important to have fun, even on the toughest days. We love to hear their private jokes, even if we don't get them, because it assures us that the team is still having fun! (BTW, the 24 kilometers were in fact south)

Dennis enjoying the good weather.

Make sure to listen to BB's audio report, and check back again tomorrow for another update from the team!

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