Friday, January 20, 2012

They made it!!!

Hooray! The team has reached the South Pole! After a marathon last day of skiing they reached the Pole at around 3 AM Chile time. They are very happy, very excited and VERY tired! When they phoned in they were currently relaxing in the heated mess tent near the Pole. What a luxury to be able to stand up inside a tent!

The audio report is very garbled from a bad connection, but the message came through loud and clear - they are there! We expect them to report in again once they've had a chance to get a little R & R. We are extremely proud of the team and their collective accomplishment. Great job BB, Bob & Lisa!!

Check back again soon for another update!


  1. Congratulations from those of us who have been following your progress. - Doug Williams

  2. Wow! What an adventure! So happy and excited for this intrepid team. I really enjoyed following your progress. So glad you are all safe and well.
    Mary Pat Smith (a friend of Cyndi's)

  3. Grattis!!!!
    sjekket nå og fant ut at dere var kommet frem:-)
    gleder meg til å se dere igjen:-)

  4. Grattis Team Lisa!!!! Välkommen hem!!! Mamo och vi andra skickar varma kramar!!! //Annika