Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday the 13th and sticky snow...

For Friday the 13th the team reported a rough go of it with very flat light and snow that felt more like sand. They made just over 20 kilometers and they ended at S 88.32. 661, W 82.34.889

Like many other substances the feel of snow can change given various conditions. Usually the sleds glide easily on snow even when they are heavy, but in certain conditions the snow can become very granulated to the point where it feels more like sand. BB comments that it felt like someone added 20 kilo to her sled. The fact that she had just switched to half skins didn't help.

Skins are are peices of mohair or nylon that cover the bottom of the skis to provide traction. The team started with "full" skins covering the full length of their skis. As they require less friction, and to help them move faster, they will cut the skins shorter so that they have only the desired amount of friction.

The good news is that they are clear of the sastrugi and now are skiing on much flatter terrain. Make sure to listen to BB's audio update and check back again soon for another update from the team!

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