Friday, January 20, 2012

Update to They made it!!

We received some additional information from the team...

Their push to the Pole was a marathon 15 hours of skiing! No wonder they are tired! When they got to the Pole they were treated to a celebration dinner complete with champagne. They ate in the mess tent that is a part of the South Pole visitor's camp. (Having a South Pole camp for adventurers is not normal. It is a result of the increased visitation that the Pole received this season as a result of the 100 year anniversary.) They also had a 1.5 hour tour of the Amundsen Scott South Pole Station, home to around 100 scientists during the austral summer and as many support staff. And of course they had a photo session with the South Pole markers. Everyone was in great spirits and VERY happy to be at the Pole.

Right now they should be en route to Union Glacier Basecamp. Once there they will re-charge their communication equipment and send us some photos. In the mean time I came upon this photo that was sent a while back while the team was en route to the Pole. I'm not sure HOW I managed to let this one go without posting, but here it is!

That's Bob, Oskar and Dennis enjoying the warmer temperatures.

It's not often that you actually see your skin on an expedition because it's usually covered in layers of grimy base layers. Here the boys look very happy & healthy but they may be surprised when they see themselves in the mirror back in Punta Arenas. Even with putting on 15-20 lbs prior to the expedition most team members will lose significant weight. As one team member on our Full North Pole Expedition commented at the end of his expedition "I didn't even recognize my own shadow!"

We hope to have another posting yet today with additional information so don't forget to check back again soon!

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