Thursday, January 19, 2012

Almost there!

The team reported in very early this morning that they had a big day yesterday, covering 34km in 14 hours of travel. They ended at S 89.42.062, W 77.49.710. They are all tired but very, very excited. They will try to get eight hours of sleep and then do the same push tomorrow.

If they have clear weather they should be able to see the Amundsen Scott South Pole station a couple hours into their day tomorrow. At first they will see a small dark speck on the horizon almost like a trick to the eye. As it slowly gets bigger they will see tiny dots moving around. These will be trucks traveling near the station to and from research areas. Finally the building itself will take shape and details such as windows will come into view. This will be an incredible feeling for them! Let's all hope they have good visibility to allow them this small treat.

Listen to Bob's audio update and check back again soon!

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